Wat beteken Biblaridion?

Biblaridion is die Grieks vir 'Klein Boekie'

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Grietha Breet: Diere en die Skrif

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Grietha en haar man besoek graag die Kruger Nationale Park, Pilansberg Nationale Park, Dikololo, die Kgalagadi oorgrens Park en Rooiberg. In hierdie boekie deel hul van hul foto's om die prag van die Skepping te wys deur diere wat in die Skrif genoem word.

Dr Ronnie Masilela : I can't believe it's not a dream - An autobiography

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Dr Ronnie Masilela became a Medical doctor at the age of 46. He had a very difficult childhood. His preseverance brought him where he is today. His lifestory is indeed an inspiration! He is also a motivational speaker.

Dreamcatchers are rare and wonderful people. They are not daydreamers. They are colourful people with a never-say-die attitude. Even though the outcome may sometimes be uncertain, they always keep the dream alive. They may take the long road, or the road less travelled, but they always return to the dream road. We came to know Ephraim, as we knew him, as a boy with the heart of a lion. Humble, diligent and committed, he always understood the true meaning of devotion. He is a man of integrity who made the motto of his school the mantra of his life: Perseverance is indeed the mother of success.

Marian Robertson
In memory of George Alfred Robertson
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherent the earth.

Our paths crossed more or less in 1983 when Ronnie applied for a broadcaster’s position at the Nguni Radio Station. He was an excellent soccer commentator. I admire him for studying after hours. I was very happy and proud when he received his degree. Ronnie is a hard worker with unbelievable perseverance. He is living example that dreams can come true.

Thys Louw, Head of the then Nguni Services