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About us

Annene Mullins

Annene was a German and Afrikaans teacher. She like to write and is passionate about other people's stories. She is the author of the Bible study books based on Bible books done by DRC Wierda Park's Bible studies. She coordinates the input of all the Biblaridion co-workers. She represents Biblaridion.


Dr. Kobus Myburgh

Kobus is a well-known New Testament theologian as well as a pastor of the Reformed Church of Wierda Park. He has a special gift to explain complex theological concepts in an easy and fresh way. He facilitates conversations between theologians to prepare sermons.  He is the presenter of the DRC Wierda Park's Bible studies. He is also the co-author of the Bible study material and marketer of the Bible Study Books as well as Biblaridion in general.


Jakkie Swart

Jakkie is a graphic designer.  He is responsible for the design of the covers of published books. The layout of all the covers of the published books. The design of marketing materials as well as the design of Biblaridion's website.




Ina van Coller

Ina was an English and Afrikaans teacher. Language is her passion. She is responsible for the proofreading and final editing.



Gerrit Scheepers

Gerrit is a chartered accountant. He is also a master of computer programs. He does the text layout, the preperation and final finishing before printing.


Hannalie le Roux

Hannalie was a teacher. She is currently employed by the Department of Education.  She loves reading and the outdoors. She is also responsible for proofreading and the final editing.


Charésa van der Westhuizen

Charésa is a woman of many talents. She loves gardening.  She is responsible for the maintenance of the website and all the administration regarding Biblaridion.


Esther Strampe

Esther is a business woman with an IT background. She loves reading and sports. She is also responsible for proofreading and the final editing.


Anton Heÿdenrÿch  

Anton is a former engineer and now a management consultant and web designer. His interest in photography started in primary school. He combines his photography with other activities such as travel, nature and family events.


Keran Ducasse

Keran's passion is photography. Visit her blog: and see how she captures everyday situations through her photography lens.


Nicol Mullins

Nicol is a compensation consultant. He is passionate in helping young entrepeneurs. He is responsible for the overall financial function of Biblaridion.



Nicola Nieubuhr

Nicola Niebuhr is also a graphic designer and layout artist. Besides her love for design, she enjoys to spend time with her family, to work in the garden, to crochet and relax with a good book.


Antoinette Cloete-Nel

Antoinette is an illustrator. With the authors she breaks new ground with new ideas to bring joy to many young readers nationwide. Her talent as an artist and her dedication show her skills in various mediums.