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We give the writers a chance

Written by Kobus Myburgh. Posted in Blog

We are dealing with all all got people attacking you in reason. Just like you want to tell your story in your own way, they are making your mind, or even worse, they tell you what you really meant. Then you think to yourself "what about a little respect"

I think that many people just do so with the Bible. They listen carefully to what Paul was told, they fall interrupted him with their own interpretations. So many pious good very disrespectful of late.

Of course it's very difficult to hear people right, you should listen carefully and a lot of time spent with them. It is the same with the Bible writers. You have to understand something of their environment, how they look to others? what was their problem? how they with God this place where they are understood and dealt with?

With Biblaridion series, which grew out of intensive research, in the town bepraat and conceived by members, we try to respect listening to the Bible. It is hard work fun. I want to invite you to enjoy the fruits of this work with us.

If you read our Bible Series and questions you can ask but here. If you are in your reading of the Bible just come down that you wonder you can also ask here. The answers will never be the last word on the section, but it will always be answered with respect -for you and the Bible writers.

Dr. Kobus Myburgh