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Flaffie & Taffie leer leef

Flaffie & Taffie leer leef

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During 1998 the interior experienced tremendous rainfalls. All the water of the Gouritz and other rivers flowed into the sea. The flow of some rivers have changed and farmers suffered extensive damage to vegetables, animals and bridges that were washed away. For a long time one could see Gouritzbrug pumpkins high against the bridge.

On the cover of the newspaper, The Burger, appeared the story of two mice on a pumpkin floating by a farmer who was looking at the damage to his property. He raked the pumpkin closer and gave the two mice another chance of life. He told that they immediately srcambled away.

For me it was so touching, the story about two small baby mice that was picked for the cover amid the violent storms and disruptions. It filled me with compassion for all mice. I sent the story to my children in Australia and when I visited them, Coenraad and Elardus only wanted to hear stories about the two mice.

Thus Fluffy and Taffie was born.

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  • Author: Toeks Erasmus
  • Publisher: Biblaridion BK
  • Language: Afrikaans
  • ISBN: 978-0-620-48296-7
  • Pages: 36 pages