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Die Kissie in die Kas

Die Kissie in die Kas

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Lottie is in Grade 2 at the beginning of the last century. The older ones among us will be able to tell the younger ones about farm schools and farm dams. Huts and donkey carts. Slates and griffels. Inkpowder and inkjars. An attic and a watermill. a washbasin, basin and a 'wasklip'. A outa and his aias. Of children who should scram when the adults talk. Dad's words that should not be questioned. Mum with whom a you can be yourself. Lottie's story also tells about her joy, excitement, her struggle. Are love and hate miles apart or curled together like Stompie and Persent when it's cold?

From the pen of a 87-year-old.

Written for the child in all of us.

  • Price: To order contact Franscois van Pletsen: 082 315 3044 of
  • Author: Lena van Pletsen
  • Publisher: Biblaridion BK
  • Language: Afrikaans
  • ISBN: 978-0-620-33290-3
  • Pages: 143 pages