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Uit Hom deur Hom tot Hom

Uit Hom deur Hom tot Hom

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What will you tell the you of about twenty five years ago?
How old do you really think you are?

Is there really power in prayer?
Do you live in honor of God or in honor of yourself?
Are you walking barefoot through the wilderness?

In this book Madeleine Venter shares her thoughts
On the above topics and many more.

From God's Word and personal experience,
Each essay has the potential to make you think deeply
And bring you closer to God.

You will want to read this book again and again!

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  • Author: Madeleine Venter
  • Publisher: Biblaridion BK
  • Language: Afrikaans
  • ISBN: 978-1-920648-21-3
  • Pages: 53 pgs