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Unlocking the World of Jesus

Unlocking the World of Jesus

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For the first time you will understand how the original readers of the Bible understood terms like being saved or being made new or becoming part of the household of God.

Experience how old concepts will receive new meaning and transform the way you understand the Bible and love as a follower of Jesus. In this book, the latest academic research is made accessible to modern readers with an interest in the sacred Scriptures of Christianity and the wisdom it wishes to communicate. The authors of this book are experienced professors with extensive experience and a love for the Biblical World.

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  • Author: Dr Kobus Kok, Dr Stephan Joubert, Prof Ernst van Eck, Prof. Jan van der Watt, Prof. Bruce Malina
  • Publisher: Biblaridion BK
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0-9870024-5-7
  • Pages: 125 pages