What we offer

Biblaridion CC (2001/055851/23) was established in September 2001. Biblaridion is registered as a publisher and helps authors to publish their books. Biblaridion respects the passion that an author has for an issue or a topic.

What Biblaridion offers:

Biblaridion provides an ISBN number and a bar code. ISBN is the acronym for International Standard Book Number, and consists of a ten- or thirteen digit code. The bar code is a digital code that includes all information regarding the title. Any bookstore can scan the ISBN. This enables the author to enter the existing market.

Biblaridion does not market the author's publication, but it does showcase an author's publication on www.littlebook.co.za with the author's contact information.

On behalf of the author, Biblaridion sends four copies of the publication to the National Library in Pretoria and libraries in Cape Town, Bloemfontein (Mangaung), Pietermaritzburg (Msunduzi). This way precious content is kept for future generations.

Biblaridion has a team of professional staff who each contributes his/her unique skill to each title: a photographer, an illustrator, a graphic artist who prepares the cover for the printing process, a proofreader, a computer literate person and a project coordinator who informs the author constantly of the progress of the process. The author is part of the process.

Biblaridion prints a minimum of 100 copies per title. This way it is affordable. Once the first 100 copies is sold, the author places the next order. Prices are adjusted once a year.

Biblaridion's team provides a professional service that enables the author to market his/her publication with pride.

Biblaridion and the author sign a written agreement to cover the legal aspects for both parties.